Google Pixel Buds 2 Vs Apple Air Pods Comparison – 2020

May 25, 2020,by techsedo


Apple’s AirPods have been out for a while and it is still booming the marketing due to a combination of features and technologies it offers. Similarly, Google Pixel Buds 2 is not behind when it needs to counter its competitor. The recent launch of Google Pixel Buds 2020 has jeopardised the sales of Airpod. Tech giant Google has come up with a ridiculously innovative design that may give Apple a tough time. Specifically, Google has revamped its earbuds keeping in mind about the challenges not only from Apple buts also from its other competitors including South Korean tech giant Samsung.

The launch of wireless earbuds from Apple brought a huge uproar in the market of technology. Not only the design but also its wireless connectivity made tech enthusiasts go for a try.

The launch of these tiny pods has decreased the demands of headphones which were exclusively controlling the audio market. Moreover, Earbuds are now in great demand due to their quality design and lightweight body. But, what stays a big challenge is its affordability. With numbers of companies coming out with superior sound quality and excellent design, brands will need to go for a timely review. Meanwhile, both of them have pros as well as cons. Before we start the comparison between both of the earbuds let us first see whether headphones shall lead ahead or the earbuds.



The super aural models that headphones offer rest in the outer ear zone. These mini speakers offer superior sound quality especially focusing the bass tones. Meanwhile, they are well known for efficiently managing the sound barrier.

On the other side, headphones are quite inexpensive ranging from $20 to as high as $500. Superior quality models come with scintillating design, longer battery run and excellent noise-cancelling system.

However, the headphones also have an edgy side. These are equally inconvenient due to its large size. They are bulky as well as uneven. This is why most of the people prefer not to go for it. In addition to that, headphones interfere with your outlook. Not really recommended for daily office bearers.

Ear Buds

Earbuds have been designed specifically to adjust in your ear canals. They are much lighter and less bulky in comparison to a headset. You can put it on your ear and move relentlessly anywhere you want.

Earbuds do not interfere with your outlook including hairstyle or when you use spectacles. Earbuds also come with a noise-cancelling system allowing the smooth flow of high-quality sound.

Earbuds are tiny in size so this little music system may fall unnoticing. Some even claim that earbuds hurt their ears likewise other claims that longer usage of earbuds develop a headache. Wireless earbuds may be very expensive and need proper maintenance. Two of the quality earbuds that we review today are Apple Ai pods and Google Pixel 2020.


Apple Air Pod


Apple airpods


Apple had stunned the market with its Air pods and therefore, these mini sound systems offer excellent audio quality thereby popularizing the demand. If you walk around, you may even find people ducking Air Pods and enjoying the charm. These earbuds offer solid sound flow with good battery life. Air pods are very light and convenient for users who need to travel on a daily basis.

Overall Body of Apple Air Pod

Apple has never let down when it come to design. Not only the Air Pod’s body but also the earbuds look dashing although they are made of all plastic. Further, it is lightweight enough to put flip it on your pocket. Moreover, the case needs to be with you everywhere so that you can store these little buds.

On the other hand, although it is tiny, still it is very much sturdy. The 2019 Air Pods version offer wireless charging case with Qi wireless charging pads. But, you need to shell out $50 for it.

apple air pods google review

The new Air Pods are similar in design to the old ones although these are just one size fit. The bottom part at one end comes with a socket for charging port whilst the other end offers a button for Bluetooth pairing mode. What is more exciting is the magnetic lid inside the box. So even if the lid is open, your air pods won’t fall off. Thankfully, in the latest module, Apple has changed the LED display light which was previously inside the case. Users need not open the case to check the order.

Sound Quality of Air Pod

Apple is well known for its sleeky design with quality audio. Therefore the latest Air Pods are well known for bass frequency. On the other hand, you need to low down the volume as the sound resonates outside. As mentioned earlier that Airpods targets bass quality but what is the use if it questions the noise cancellation medium.  This means that the noise cancellation mode is not reliable here.

Apple Air Pod’s Battery Life

Apple has stated that a fully charged Air Pod can last up to five hours. However, that was not true when going for objective testing. Moreover, the average lasting was 4 hours and 7 minutes. So, how should you check that?

In comparison to the older version, the H1 chips offer about 21% longer which might be up to 30 minutes. The batteries are tiny and irreplaceable just like other wireless earphones.

But, the charging case is innovatively designed with small metal connectors at each earbud that supplies charge when comes in contact with other ends in the case. Meanwhile, Air pods are neither waterproof nor sweatproof.


Connection with iOS and Android

iOS Device

Connection with the iOS system is simple and easy. All you need to do is tap connect therefore connecting every device on the iCloud account.

Likewise, the H1 chip allows you to activate the “Hey Siri” mode which assists hands-free service. On the other hand, you need to talk to Siri to control settings including volume. The connection is good even with 60 ft away from the device.

Android Device

With Android, the connection seems to be good but not great. For android device, you need to open the case and hold down the button present right at the back of the charging case and further pair it.

However, the applicable range for android is up to 50 feet. Experts have claimed that the H1 chips are specifically designed for iOS, therefore, they bring some drawbacks. Meanwhile, double-tapping the side of Air Pods gets you access to Google Assistant.


Google Pixel Buds 2



Google pixel buds 2


Google Pixel is an acclaimed second-generation wireless earbud that comes with great sound quality and attractive design. Pixel Buds have endangered the sales of Apple Air Pod due to its better audio system and innovative case. However, let us take a little flashback, Google first launched it earbuds back in 2018.

But, the company couldn’t make it much into the market due to its poor sound quality. However, the mushroom-shaped earbuds were unique in design as compared to Apple’s Air Pod. Meanwhile, Gooogle officially claimed about launching its Pixel Buds which was a big surprise and since then, expectations were also high among android users. Additionally, Google also guaranteed about 5 hours of battery lasting which is short as compared to Samsung’s buds that can last up to 11 hours. However, the earbuds sit perfectly at your ears which major companies could not offers. But, some customers have faced a slight pain in the ear due to the readjustment of earbuds.   However, let us see what how is Pixel 4 different from the previous one.

Overall Body

The latest Google pixel buds have awestricken the market with a much more classic design. Made with plastic, the design looks premium and is pocketable in shape and size. The case is as much similar to the Air Pod’s case but comes with an excellent matte finish and is more rounded.

It is quite similar to a little egg. Nevertheless, they are sturdy and well-engineered. The earbuds are designed in such a way that they do not pop out of your ears, unlike Air Pod. The charging case comes with a status light showing the battery range and an LED that shows the charge for each of the earbuds.

The latest Google Pixel Buds 2 also comes with IPX4 water resistance and offers Bluetooth 5.0. The touch quality is great with no accidental taps, unlike other earbuds.

Sound Quality

The Pixel Buds produces low-end amplification. The company has not stressed on the bass note which makes the sound quality much more pleasing to general customers. Meanwhile, kick drum sound is specifically as twice the sound of male vocal. So, you may find difficult when listening to cacophonous songs.

The clarity is ok with no noise cancellation feature. However, Google offers a higher sound range which is exceptionally astute. However, the audio quality degrades when coming in contact with noise. Google has comprehensively worked with the microphone system.

Here, the speech intelligibility stresses the voice detecting accelerometer that you can get only in Apple Air Pod Pro. Pixel Buds comes with deep lows, rich mids and accustomed-revealing acoustic. Every instrument sounds crystal clear with each chord having its own musical space.

If you are one of those music lovers who want to feel every part of the music, Google Pixel Buds 2 is the best choice for you. Meanwhile, the Pixel bud offers Google Assistant that delivers all the notification that you receive in your phone. Nevertheless, the voice assistant also interrupts suddenly while you are with the flow. Still, Goggle offers you to turn off the regular notification with a “ding” noise on it.

Battery Life

Google has also minutely worked to improve battery efficiency to a great extent. We went for a demo with the Pixel which showed a total playtime of 6 hours and 8 minutes on a single charge.

The pixel definitely comes with quick charging facility. A 10 minutes charge can yield up to two hours of playtime. Additionally, the Pixel Bud 2020 supports 2.5 hours of voice call time that is not applicable to Apple’s Air Pod.

Pairing with Android and iOS


google pixel buds props and con's


Google has developed the latest Pixel Buds for Android platform, therefore, pairing is much more effortless as compared to Air Pods. You can simply open the Pixel bud case and enable Bluetooth mode on the desired smartphone. Next, a pop-up menu will rise for your permission to connect with the latest Google Pixel Buds 2. As you connect, you can rock with it. What is much more interesting is the Google Assistant that starts with “Hey Google”. Apart from that, you can also start with a tap and hold of the touch panel.


Google is never behind when garnering Apple customers, unlike the Air Pods, pairing with Pixel Buds is also simple. To do so, you need to open the charging case without removing the earbuds and hold the button behind the case until the LED turns white. On the other side, you need to open your iOS device and head for the Bluetooth menu and select the pixel buds. Once the Pixel Buds get connected you can remove the earbuds and go with your music.


Should You Go For Google Pixel Buds 2

Google has surely come out with a quality audio system allowing the latest features. The overall specialities are comparatively good and technologically advanced. If you are one of those customers looking for least resistance, the Pixel is definitely worthwhile for you. The tiny earbuds securely fit in your ear and offer a modern design. The earbuds offer swift access with Google Assistant although the google translate still needs to be emphasized.

After looking through all the areas of technology, we can guarantee you that Air Pods have finally got a challenging competitor from the Android and they can equally compete for iOS in all the areas. Similarly, Google Pixel 2020 comes with a much lesser price range and offers much more features. So, should you go for Google Pixel if you own an Android smartphone? A big yes!