SEO vs PPC: Which One is More Effective

June 6, 2020,by techsedo

Are you confused about the nature of business in the digital platform! Should you go for SEO or PPC for an excellent market return? Take a short look as we guide you about both the dimensions and how each of the aspects helps your business growth.
To know whether SEO is better or PPC, one needs to know what exactly are both the service and how SEO and PPC functions. By the time you finish this article, you will have a clear idea on how to enhance your engagement through a digital medium.


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SEO or search engine optimization is something that you must be familiar if you are much into the internet. But, if not, no worries. SEO is the process which allows a website to improve its ranking in the search engines. Now, this can be in terms of targeted keyword or phrases in order to bring the most customer engagement.

For example, if you run a taxi service, as you can figure out many taxi service providers in the search engine. So, when you go for an SEO service, the experts there will use certain strategies to improve your digital presence to the top page. This includes building links at certain transportation service websites, making the web page more accurate, rewriting the page for enhancing the speed. Yet, there are several other ways that marketers use to improve the website.

Opens Organic Traffic Flow

The foremost task of SEO service is to make your website visible through targeted keyword planning. This potentializes your business through brand awareness and promotion in the search engine. Secondly, once your business website is visible, an intelligent advertisement will generate swift business leads. Moreover, your service now gets an authoritative voice on your topic.

Organic traffic offers huge credibility to your website. Not only does it influences your customers but also values your brand justification. A straightforward review and reputation signal a guaranteed stamp of approval from the customers.

Web Traffic

SEO exclusively enhances your web traffic thereby rendering much-needed opportunity. If you are an entrepreneur or a budding business holder, SEO is an assured solution for business improvement. Meanwhile, you will also find exaggerating return of investment (ROI). Although SEO is reasonable still, it is much more cost-effective than any traditional form of marketing. What is more interesting to know is that, even after you stop the service, the organic flow of traffic won’t end. Further, you can also sustain the service and start it again.

Improved CTR (Click Through Rate)

Organic optimization strategy

The higher percentage of clicks generate CTR. This means you also have the opportunity to place high paying ads on your website. While, there is always an exception, yet, organic flow of traffic will definitely open new business possibilities. Here, your digital marketer will have to do keyword-level experimentation to check whether the CTR offers paid and organic clicks. In the end, visibility is what matters when taking SEO service.

Strategic Advantage

Having a strong organic search is not an easy task. Moreover, it takes some time to have strong visibility. But, once you reach there, none can remove you. Now, you have a strategic position and your competitors will face a tough time when it comes to business.


There is also another hurdle when going for SEO services, what most of the customers tend to do is target high ranking keyword. High ranking keywords have huge traffic and most of them are dominated by giant companies like Amazon or eBay so you must think about it carefully.

You should also equally focus on your content assets to enhance your visibility. Safe and sustainable link building is not only the solution. Moreover, spams degrade your website ranking so, you should always have secondary support.


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PPC is the most fantastic way that directly serves your business purpose. PPC or pay for a click is a form of advertising that you see at the top and side of searches on search engine giants like Bing, Yahoo or Google. Like its name, here the payment is only for the ads when clicked by a customer.

PPC ads are one of the most promised ways to get new customers. Still, the cost of keyword or phrases depends upon the market competitiveness. Low search keywords may be very affordable yet others may even cost up to hundreds of dollars.

Visibility Of PPC

When going for PPC, you’re paying the price, so, your advertisement will dominate at the top of the search engine. The viewer sees the ad. Moreover, google shows up to four ads on the desktop and three on mobile. The visual product ads further allow product listings right at the search page. PPC is a laser targeted way to attract potential customers. Ads can be targeted through various strategies such as keyword search, time, place, language, device and audience yet this is not possible with the SEO.


Developing organic visibility may take time but, PPC can generate instant engagement. If you are planning to test new products, PPC gives an edge over SEO. Moreover, this platform provides rapid feedback on the product. Most of the business houses even run for a short PPC campaign to check the market feedback. Similarly, AdWords does not suffer any turbulence and changes are managed easily rather than SEO.


If you are a local service provider, PPC is the best option for you. Strategic keyword optimization for a specific geographical area will generate excellent business leads. But, PPC can be expensive, the costs can quickly rise. This happens so if you are targeting international platform or even a nation. Moreover, PPC being a paid advertisement requires constant investment. Once you stop the advertisement, your business may dry up unless you have a strong customer influence.

However, what is more, interesting to know is that you get various options for search advertisement through PPC. PPC is also easy to copy. Now, what that means is, if you run ads, your competitor may also go for the same. In fact, your competitor gets an advantage to understand your entire planning. Therefore, for your success, you need to make the move strategically. Skilled management and excellent optimization is the key to success.

SEO Vs PPC: Which One is More Effective for Your Business

difference between SEO and PPC

As you read above the major points about both the terms, both the service uses a platform to advertise your website. However, the difference matters a lot. To be more precise, paid ads turn up at the top of the page which is not at all linked to organic listings influenced by SEO. On the other side, organic traffic from SEO is free. Interestingly, the strategic integration of SEO and PPC will venture outstanding traffic engagement.

Coordination of SEO and PPC Improves Your Website

SEO works on a long term basis while PPC can be costly. So, it is a good option to coordinate both SEO and PPC. SEO helps to bring organic traffic while purchasing PPC ads for the same, keyword will eventually bring the ad at the top of the page. This not only dominates the search engine, but the customers also get influenced by your service.

PPC Recovers Missed Search Engine Clicks

A recent study from Google showed that once the search ads for a certain keyword were paused, 90% of traffic generated by these ads has not been replaced through organic rankings. This shows that a pause in PPC will hurt your business even if you rank at the top.

Remarketing Opportunity

Think about it carefully, your website has a good rank in the search engine due to your SEO efforts however, many shoppers take some time to make their mind. This is the time when PPC brings visitors back to your site. For example, if a shopper shops from your website and takes some time to think about repurchase, your ads will remind them about the supplies at a later time of which the shopper may return for purchase. You can keep engaging your previous visitors to buy your products.

PPC Lets You Test Keyword

SEO takes some time to garner result, however, PPC is quick and if you are planning to target a specific keyword but aren’t sure about the success, PPC will help you. Business is all about taking the jibe, here’s what you need to do, take a keyword and purchase PPC advertising for it. Now, monitor for a while. If there is a good outcome, you should go ahead with it. If the campaign falls flat, you must avoid. This is how you should test the market.

Benefits of Running SEO And PPC

  • High-cost keywords, high volume or low converting can be placed to organic search
  • Testing Keyword in PPC before heading for SEO
  • Targeting customers at all stages from research to comparison and ending up with a purchase
  • Increasing traffic by targeting clicks in paid organic for high-performing keywords
  • Remarketing allows to pull back customers
  • Enhance performance and trustability amongst your customers

SEO and PPC allows strategic conversion of keywords